SPLASH in Nanjing Museum ‘Celebrating 20 years of One Minutes’

① memo 20180920 ~ SPLASH in Nanjing Museum ‘Celebrating 20 years of One Minutes’ ~

I have some more wonderful news to share from the press release today by The One Minutes ( http://www.theoneminutes.org/about/press )

My Splash one minute film is part of the 8 hours of One Minute video art , the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA) presents in the exhibition ‘Ways of Seeing the Future – Creating, engaging and connecting – Celebrating 20 years of One Minutes’ from 26 October until 25 November 2018.

The exhibition takes place in AMNUA’s futuristic Hall03 of 1500 square meters on the top floor of the museum.
Ways of Seeing the Future consists of 20 series curated by, among others, Melanie Bonajo, David Claerbout and Cally Spooner, discussing the topics of today and our near future in video art. The show marks the start of the festivities celebrating The One Minutes’ 20th anniversary in 2019.

»It cannot be ignored that the influence and success The One Minutes have achieved today, both suit and fight the trend of this fast-paced life at the same time.» Chen Rui, Curator Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

Since 1999, The One Minutes Foundation has produced and distributed one minute videos from an artistic point of view, offering an international stage for people to create, engage and connect. The One Minutes Collection consists of over 10,000 video works by artists from more than 120 countries.

The exhibition consist of 20 series , and Splash is part of the July 2017 serie ‘Enjoy your file, download your life’ , curated by Studio David Claerbout.
Splash video and previous screenings in this previous post https://michelvanderburg.com/2017/06/29/splash/

Mill #2

① memo 20180916 ~ Mill #2 ~ The second mill of the quartet of windmills working together to keep the polder dry west of the village Aarlanderveen (Alphen) in the Green Heart of Holland . The waterway drains into the Old Rhine nearby.
Mill #2 (dutch ‘Molen 2’ or ‘middenmolen’) is not turning in this video .. it’s the nearby model mill that is turning.
These are the only mills in the world that are still being used as main dewatering for a polder.
Recently the dutch decided to start using again such historic polder water windmills everywhere in the Netherlands to assist the modern electric dewatering pumps if needed .

Fissler Original Pro Pan Sound

① memo 20180912 ~ Fissler Original Pro Pan Sound ~ During home renovation – all wrapped up – this Fissler Original pro cooking pan is used for reflecting handpan drum music playing on this thin iPad Air 2. Filmed on iPhone X using the Sennheiser Ambeo headset. Original recording of Sébastiaan’s handpan posted before as ① memo 20180725 ~ Sébastiaan’s Sea Sparkle on 1-memo.com


① memo 20180904 ~ Ridge ~ Sailing slowly at 3 knots along the Ridge sandbank in the dutch Wadden Sea at 53°17’46.32”N 5°9’59.40”E on the clipper Wilhelmina (a month ago).
Richel (dutch for Ridge) is a sandbank turning into an islet between the Wadden islands Vlieland (in the background I guess) and Terschelling .
Filmed handheld with an iPhone X using the Sennheiser Ambeo headset for binaural sound recording. Best listen with your headphones.