Floaters ~ One minute at the border of the Silent Rhine from under the ‘Fish-bridge’ at the confluence of the Old and New Rhine, where Leyden was born, October 2009, Leyden, Holland.
First published in 2010 (20101023) via my now obsolete YouTube channel iClip , as : 1’2009 Stille Rijn – Leiden – Holland.
Next remade and submitted as ‘floaters’ for The One Minutes Collection (# 3877 , file mvdb20120829_floaters ) August 31, 2012. That version upscaled for today ‘s online version here.
Film : Floaters (20101023 – 20120831 – 20200513) Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | miracles.media

Benelux Train

Benelux Train
The ‘Beneluxtrein’ (dutch for Benelux Train), known also in Holland as InterCity Amsterdam – Brussel , or ‘Brusselaar’ , and known in Belgium as ‘Amsterdammer’ , on its way to Brussels, Saturday afternoon earlier this February month between the towns Zwijndrecht and Moerdijk crossing the Hollandsch Diep river in Holland.
The Benelux Union, also known as simply Benelux, is a politico-economic union and formal international intergovernmental cooperation of three neighboring states in western Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Wikipedia). Film : 20200220 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com