Transport XX Face to Face

Transport XX Face to Face
This 1 minute film is a video impression (February 28th, 2009) of the confrontation of passers-by with the TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels, that presented photographic portraits of 1,200 of the 1,631 Jewish prisoners deported with the 20th train convoy to Auschwitz in 1943.

Transport XX to Auschwitz

On April 19, 1943 at 10 p.m. the 20th train convoy departed the Dossin barracks (Kazerne Dossin) in Mechelen (Belgium) with 40 cattle cars crammed with 1631 Jewish men, women and children for Auschwitz (Poland). The in Belgium captured Jews were over 90% ‘foreigners’ (with no Belgian nationality) who either when war broke out or (many) years earlier had fled from mainly Eastern Europe, Germany and Holland to Belgium. Half an hour after the departure of this transport XX three young Belgians from Brussels, Youra Livschitz, Jean Franklemon and Robert Maistriau stopped the train between Boortmeerbeek and Haacht, opened one of the cars and liberated 17 prisoners. Later before the train reaches the German border over 200 other prisoners decide to attempt to escape and also jump out of the cars. In total 233 people attempted to escape, and 188 did succeed. Unfortunately also 26 were killed and 89 others recaptured and interned or put on future trains to Auschwitz. This 20th transport arrived at Auschwitz on April 22. Only 153 of those on board survived this death camp. This was the only documented attack on a death train during the Shoah.
More on Transport XX in the 1 hour documentary film ‘Transport XX to Auschwitz’ – a film by Karen Lynne & Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg –

Project “Give them a Face”

The Kazerne Dossin (project “Give them a Face”) digitalised the photo’s of the Dossin prisoners, that mostly are from the “National State Archives of Belgium. Ministry of Justice, Public Safety Office, Foreigner’s Police, individual files”
The TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels was organised from 27 January to 15 March 2009 by the BELvue Museum in collaboration with the JMDR / Kazerne Dossin. The photographic portraits were displayed outside in the Royal park in Brussels (opposite the Royal Palace).
Thank you: Marjan Verplancke and other co-workers of the Jewish Museum of Deportation and Resistance (JMDR) in Mechelen (Malines, Belgium) and project “Give them a Face”.
With the ‘Give Them a Face’ project the Kazerne Dossin aims to bring together as many portraits of deportees from the Dossin barracks in Mechelen as possible and give them back their face – and the memory alive.

Film TRANSPORT XX – installation Brussels

This ‘one minute cut’ is a reworking of the film ‘TRANSPORT XX — installation Brussels’ Michel van der Burg – published online April 19, 2009 – .

Transport XX Face to Face – 1 minute film

For this special ‘The One Minute’ edition, the original film of around 3 minutes was edited to a 1-minute cut.
‘Transport XX – Face to Face’ by Michel van der Burg premiered at the ‘Where history starts’ festival by The One Minutes and the Museum of National History (innl) in theater Paradiso , November 28, 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands. That ‘Where history starts’ series of 1 minute films was also released by theoneminutes foundation in 2010 on DVD (limited edition). That original 2010 1-minute film contained no title nor credits. The title and credits were added in the 2012 edition of the 1-minute film that I made available on DVD and also online (that 2012 edition is republished here in larger format and modified endscreen).
Online the 2010 edition was first shown in a short documentary of the premiere screening via Vimeo (#35784512) 27 January 2012, and the 2012 (DVD) edition with credits was published via Vimeo (#40331755 – ) 13 April 2012, and via Youtube at the now dormant iClip channel Apr 19, 2012.

This 2020 edition

Now (January 2020) a 4K edition is published – new online at my main YouTube channel ( ) and new also at the today started Instagram account Miracles.Media ( ).


One minute film

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Transport XX Face to Face ~ The One Minutes
This 1 minute film is a video impression (February 28th, 2009) of the confrontation of passers-by with the TRANSPORT XX installation in Brussels, that presented photographic portraits of 1,200 of the 1,631 Jewish prisoners deported with the 20th train convoy to Auschwitz in 1943.
Event : TRANSPORT XX installation by the BELvue Museum / JMDR / Kazerne Dossin, February 28, 2009, Brussels, Belgium.
Original film version : ‘TRANSPORT XX — installation Brussels’ – published online April 19, 2009 by Michel van der Burg | .
This 1 minute film ‘Transport XX – Face to Face’ by Michel van der Burg premiered at the ‘Where history starts’ festival by The One Minutes and the Museum of National History (innl) in theater Paradiso , November 28, 2010, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Instagram : @theoneminutes @michelvanderburg @kazernedossin @belvuemuseum @paradisoadam Full info posted at Film : Transport XX Face to Face (20200110) Michel van der Burg |

Celui Qui M’a Rendu Mon Âme

① memo 20180609 ~ Celui Qui M’a Rendu Mon Âme ~ Film online now via YouTube in HD (720p) – previously in 2016 uploaded in smaller format (540p) on Vimeo. [ ]


[ English summary below ]

Œuvre de « Théâtre Lu » — Lecture par des élèves de 6e année secondaire général ayant réalisé l’adaptation française de la pièce « Who Returned My Soul » de Kelly Brock avec leur professeur d’anglais, monsieur Philippe Renette.

Les monologues composant le texte de cette pièce ont été dictés par les témoignages de dix survivants de l’Holocauste : Joe Birenbaum – rôle tenu ce soir par Gaurav Prashar • Edith Castoriano – rôle tenu par Stéphanie Ceven • Emery « Pinkas » Deutsch – rôle tenu par Thomas Gilson • Joe Dziubak – rôle tenu par Flamur Meha • Arno Erban – rôle tenu par Rina Imeri • Henry Frydman – rôle tenu par Ilyas Sinouh • Sabina Frydman – rôle tenu par Pauline Renard • Jacob « Jack » Gunz – rôle tenu par Sakshi Prashar • Isaac Kline – rôle tenu par Ilyas Sinouh • Ann Rosenheck – rôle tenu par Melisa Ulusoy. Ces monologues seront mis en contexte par L’Historien – rôle tenu ce soir par Humeyra Yüksel.

Tout au long du processus de traduction, les élèves ont pu compter sur les éclaircissements et les conseils de l’auteur, Madame Kelly Brock, avec laquelle les échanges furent permanents et riches par-delà l’Océan.

Ce projet a été rendu possible par le soutien inconditionnel (à distance) de Monsieur Avi Mizrachi, co-fondateur de la « Foundation For Holocaust Education Projects » à Hollywood (Floride) et de sa collaboratrice Madame Katharine Gorsuch, et le soutien des Parlantes.

Durée du spectacle : 125 minutes (deux actes avec entracte et introduction par Philippe Renette). Film (5 mars 2016) : Michel van der Burg –

English summary

“Celui Qui M’A Rendu Mon Âme” – Reader’s theatre – Friday evening – June 5 , 2015 – at the Saint-Sépulcre school in Liege (Belgium) the premiere of the first French-spoken adaptation of the play “Who returned my soul… “ originally by Kelly D. Brock – that retells the stories of 10 holocaust survivors – now by 6th year students of the school.

Names of the survivors and the students playing their role that night :
Joe Birenbaum – role by Gaurav Prashar • Edith Castoriano – role by Stéphanie Ceven • Emery « Pinkas » Deutsch – role by Thomas Gilson • Joe Dziubak – role by Flamur Meha • Arno Erban – role by Rina Imeri • Henry Frydman – role by Ilyas Sinouh • Sabina Frydman – role by Pauline Renard • Jacob « Jack » Gunz – role by Sakshi Prashar • Isaac Kline – role by Ilyas Sinouh • Ann Rosenheck – role by Melisa Ulusoy.
These monologues are contextualized by The Historian – role tonight by Humeyra Yüksel.

Students of the Institut Saint Sépulcre together with their ‘English’ teacher Mr. Philippe Renette – performed the French adaptation – in close cooperation .. across the ocean … with the author Ms. Kelly Brock – and supported by Mr. Avi Mizrachi, co-founder of the “Foundation For Holocaust Education Projects” in Hollywood (Florida) and his assistant Mrs. Katharine Gorsuch – and the Liege International Festival ‘les Parlantes’.

Running time: 125 minutes (two acts with intermission and introduction by Philippe Renette). Film (March 5, 2016) : Michel van der Burg –

Last message Régine Krochmal

① memo 20180513 ~ Last message Régine Krochmal ~ Last message (in Dutch) from Régine Krochmal as pronounced posthumously by Kurt Baert (Boortmeerbeek) during the Transport XX commemoration May 13 , 2012 in Boortmeerbeek , Belgium .
Régine Krochmal who in 1943 courageously escaped from the 20th train from Mechelen to Auschwitz – had asked Kurt Baert to deliver her speech , shortly before she died May 11 , 2012 – two days before the commemoration.
Other posts at my site on Régine Krochmal here
① memo 20180513 ~ Last message Régine Krochmal ~ Michel van der Burg – Miracles.Media


Volgens de weerkunde en de astrologie is de vrolijke lente aangebroken met een pracht aan bloemen, met een adembenemende schoonheid, met een deugddoende warmte en met intense vreugde. Nochtans…
Lang geleden waren er lieden die het leven van andere mensen wilden verwoesten, zowel vrouwen en kinderen als mannen. Zonder onderscheid wilden ze hen meedogenloos onderwerpen.
Bevelen werden uitgevaardigd door monsters die hun ware identiteit en hun bestaan verborgen hielden om aan de macht te kunnen blijven. Monsters die vandaag nog steeds niet uit ons leven zijn verdwenen. Zo werden nog onlangs aan de schoolpoort verscheidene kinderen samen met hun ouders vermoord.
Ik denk terug aan die verschrikkelijke oorlog tijdens de periode 1940 – 1945 die overheerst werd door angst, terrorisme, foltering, moord, valse informatie en onderdrukking van verworven vrijheden.
Die gruwelijke oorlog heeft het leven van miljoenen mensen vernietigd. Maar de vijand slaagde er niet in alle slachtoffers te knechten. Deze monsterlijke duivels hebben hun doelstellingen niet bereikt. Vele vrouwen, mannen en jongelingen, hebben verbeten strijd geleverd voor de vrijheid van hun bestaan.
Robert Maistriau (christen), Youra Livschitz (Jood) en Jean Franklemon (vrijzinnige) hebben de grootsheid van hun daden bewezen. Zonder wapens en zonder bloedvergieten hebben ze de rijkdom van het leven benut die in elke mens aanwezig is.
Ik ben van mening dat ieder van ons die vrede, die vreugde, dat geluk weer kan doen opbloeien zonder oorlog of moordpartijen. We moeten echter waakzaam blijven om de kern van de haat geen kans te bieden zich verder te ontplooien!
We zijn allen geboren met lege handen. En we zullen allen met lege handen terugkeren…. Zowel zij die een geloof of een levensbeschouwing aankleven als zij die zich verbonden voelen met de natuur, met de fauna en flora. We moeten allen trachten onszelf te ontdekken en elkaar te begrijpen als gelijkwaardige en aanvullende wezens.
We kunnen allen bijdragen om van deze wereld weer een haven van vrede, vreugde en liefde te maken en zo de weg te effenen naar ons eigen geluk en dat van onze medemens.
Ik houd eraan de gemeente Boortmeerbeek te danken voor deze herdenking, evenals de heer Burgemeester en alle medewerkers. Aan u allen hier aanwezig zou ik willen vragen vooral niet te vergeten dat de kiem tot ware heldendom zich in ieder van ons bevindt en dat wij er persoonlijk verantwoordelijk voor zijn deze te blijven koesteren.

Régine Krochmal
Brussel – Boortmeerbeek, 13 mei 2012

Text speech thanks to Jan Hertogen

Transit Camp Mechelen

① memo 20170727 ~ Transit Camp Mechelen ~ Today 75 years ago on July 27, 1942 the “SS-Sammellager Mechelen” collection and deportation camp was opened in the former barracks “Kazerne Dossin”. The building now houses the Kazerne Dossin memorial , filmed here in 2013 – Mechelen , Belgium.