Djembé Foté

① memo 20170516 ~ Djembé Foté ~ West-african rhythms from the percussion group Djembé Foté (meaning ‘white drummers’) directed by Hein Oxenaar (the master drummer) with singing by the Alalies choir (directed by Annelies Nooteboom) and solo dancing by Tonia Rozendaal, on May 16, 2008 at the ‘Open Podium’ in the Agnietenhof Theatre in Tiel , Holland.
In 2008 a shorter version of the film (10 min) was published –
Performance © 2008 Hein Oxenaar ( / Alalies / Tonia Rozendaal — All rights reserved
① memo 20170516 ~ Film (2008-2017) Michel van der Burg – |

Happy New Year With Corrie

① memo 20160101 ~ Happy New Year with Corrie ~ Digital watercolor painting of Corrie’s dance during Herman Finker’s New Year cabaret show (Oudejaarsconference 2015) live in the theatre “Leidse Schouwburg”, Leiden, Holland.
Credits : Digital aquarelle after screenshot dutch public broadcast (NPO , VARA).