Golden Hour Exposure HDR iPhone | 20210109

Golden Hour Exposure HDR iPhone | 20210109 | 1-memo•com
Dialing the exposure compensation value (ECV) control in the Apple Camera App filming Dolby Vision HDR using the standard lens with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Three clips with ECV settings of –1, 0, and –2, resp.
Comparing all on the iPhone’s HDR screen , a late 2015 iMac (Non-HDR , P3 display), and standard (SDR) TV , the minus 1 exposure control setting best resembles my real life impression. Golden hour in the Green Heart of Holland.
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Falcon | 20210108

Falcon | 20210108 | 1-memo•com
Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) at sunset today in the Green Heart of Holland. TAGS #falcon #AppleHDR #holland #bird #michelvanderburg #polder #sunset #1Memo
#iPhone12 #AppleDolbyVisionHLG #ShureMV88 #iPhone #Rec2020HLG #DolbyVision #Falco #tinnunculus


Just a first quick test project using the mobile iMovie app on iPhone 12 Pro Max editing HDR video Rec. 2020 HLG on the ‘phone’, adding a music track and a title playing the entire film – mimicking my normal post over the past months where logo and title are placed in the last phase of movie export in Compressor as companion app with FCP.
This mobile iMovie export allows me to keep the HDR format. Though manipulating the title was a hassle. No time left today to reedit with a straigtened video version , and reedit the tile for music credits and license info ( But this will do.
Waves ~ Music : Waves by Kyle Preston | Artlist ~ Film : 20201221 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com | Miracles•Media

Final Color Grading HLG Sony ZV-1

Final choice for color grading HDR footage from the Sony ZV-1 filmed using the Picture Profile 10 (PP10) with the Hybrid Log-Gamma HLG2.
My final choice is that version uploaded Sep. 25th (20200925) prepared in a standard library (Rec. 709) of Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). Here I added Neat Video noise reduction, for this 20200929 final version !

Over the past two days I tried to improve on this video by editing in a in a Wide Gamut-HDR FCPX library, producing several versions : 20200928, and 20200927. However , I am using the Late 2015 Retina 5K iMac with a P3 color gamut – not matching the wider Rec.2020 gamut of the footage. Strange things – big difference in colors/luma – happen working with that Wide Gamut library , when exporting the edited work in either h264 (or h265) versus Apple ProRes 422.

I believe I obtain superior and more consistent results when grading in the standard FCPX library (Rec. 709), after changing the clips setting in this library for ‘Color Space Override’ in the FCPX clip inspector : from ‘Off’ to ‘Rec.2020’ (corresponding to the BT.2020 setting in my Sony ZV-1 camera’s PP10 profile).

Next for color grading only the color wheels in FCPX were used for a slight overall (master) increase of saturation , a slight reduction of the brightness of highlights and shadows, plus a larger increase in brightness of the midtones.

Sound from the Sennheiser MKE 200 microphone without the furry windshield.

Final Color Grading HLG Sony ZV-1 | 20200925~20200929 | Michel van der Burg |