Digital Out of Home

In between news and ads, the short film ‘Sunset Over The Maas River’ is screening in the Rotterdam Alexandrium mall, filmed March 29, 2019. More ‘Digital Out of Home’ exposure elsewhere in the city on Ngage Media screens – see these previous posts ‘Exposure‘ and ‘Sunset Over The Maas River‘.
Based on the 1 minute film ‘Sunset over the Maas River with the Euromast’ at (20181009)

① memo 20190831 ~ Digital Out of Home


① memo 20190517 ~ LVIFFR Encore ~ Start special IFFR films ‘LVIFFR Encore’ in film theater LantarenVenster in Rotterdam, Friday May 10, 2019 by LantarenVenster director Pepijn Kuyper and IFFR director Bero Beyer before screening edition #1 of the LVIFFR Encore series ‘Take Me Somewhere Nice’ by Ena Sendijarevic (still in background)