Captions for Cas

① memo 20181007 ~ Captions for Cas ~ Help caption images in Cas Oorthuys photo archive. Last friday I visited the retrospective ‘This is Cas | Vintage Photography by Cas Oorthuys’ in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam , Holland , and came across this great project :

The museum invites visitors of the exhibition to help with information on the many photographs , offering large iPads at a round table with Cas’ work. I searched for Normandie , and filmed browsing the results.

Online , I just checked , the project invites everyone to help . Below some info from the museum site and the link for visiting yourself.

“The Nederlands Fotomuseum is appealing to the general public for help in identifying the contents of photographs taken by Cas Oorthuys, among the most influential of all 20th-century Dutch photographers. Anyone is able to study the photos in the Oorthuys archive online and provide information on the contents…

Captions for Cas
All sheets are available online and work can begin on captioning them. In an extraordinary exercise in public participation, the museum invites the general public to help write Captions for Cas. Using the existing Vele Handen platform, it is open to everyone to contribute information on any of the images in the contact sheets. The museum is looking not just for photography lovers, but for a wide variety of experts and people with relevant personal knowledge. Oorthuys travelled widely and photographed a huge range of things. Input will be needed, for example, from experts on traditional costumes, the shipping industry and agriculture in the Netherlands, but also from people familiar with the various other regions and countries that Oorthuys visited. In addition to many countries within Europe, these included Canada, Congo, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Syria and the United States.”

Note , though , the platform and project instructions , and photographer’s notes , all is in dutch .

Link ‘Captions for Cas’

Link via platform ‘”

Homebound Petran Container Ship

① memo 20180701 ~ Homebound Petran Container Ship ~ Returning from a 4 day journey on the Rhine river from the german Worth am Rhein (Karlsruhe) port, the dutch ‘Petran’ cargo vessel is travelling downstream on the Rotterdam Maas river , under the Erasmus Bridge , last Friday 1132 UTC – just 2 hours before arriving ‘home’ at the Maasvlakte container terminal in the Port of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Inland Navigation

① memo 20180630 ~ Rotterdam Inland Navigation ~ Dutch inland dry cargo vessels – I spotted here the ‘CarinAlexander’ and the ‘Pecaro’ (v/d Pol & Fransbergen) – on the Maas river in the heart of Rotterdam , with the Willemsbrug bridge in the background, filmed – with iPhone X and RØDE SmartLav+ lavalier with Minifur-LAV – yesterday , standing on the trembling cable-stayed Erasmus Bridge , Rotterdam , Holland