Light on the Horizon

Light on the Horizon

First sunlight on a cloudy day around Midwinter (Winter Solstice) on the west coast of the Noordsvaarder – the sand bank that joined to the west end of the dutch island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea around 1900 – with the surf sound of the nearby North Sea mixing with the wind. Music : Slowly Understanding by Yehezkel Raz | Artlist
Film : 20191230 Michel van der Burg | |

Bavo’s Bells

① memo 20190923 ~ Bavo’s Bells ~ The Saint Bavo Cathedral (in dutch : Sint Baafs kathedraal) last week in the historic center of Ghent, Belgium.
Equipment : Sony A7 Mark III camera / Sony ECM-B1M microphone (low cut filter while recording ; sound edit in post : bass boost).