Poetry Slamming Ellen Deckwitz in Berlin 2013

① memo 20180929 ~ Poetry Slamming Ellen Deckwitz in Berlin 2013 ~ Ellen Deckwitz poetry slamming about God’s hand in ‘Hij zei we moeten praten …’ on the Side Stage of the Haus Der Berliner Festspiele at the september 2013 International SLAM! Revue by Bas Böttcher & Wolf Hogekamp during the 13.ilb (13th internationales literaturfestival berlin) in Berlin , Germany

Main Tap of Holland

① memo 20171118 ~ Main Tap of Holland ~ Right after the border with Germany follows the main ‘tap’ of Holland – where the Rhine river bifurcates into the Waal river and the Pannerden canal (which in turn flows into the ‘Neder-Rhine’ river) , Millingen , Holland


① memo 20160724 ~ ❤️ 2 Russia ~ “With love to Russia” – Kiss-in protest in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin against controversial anti-gay law in Russia. Under the slogans “With love to Russia” ,  “Enough is enough”,  and “Putin go homo” demonstrators carried posters with the portrait of president Putin with heavy makeup (speech notes below). Unter den Linden , Berlin , September 2013

Speech notes :

Berlin history shows : It is a small step from exclusion to violence. We here are kissing men and kissing women out in the open , just like it shows in the nearby ‘Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism’. A warning to all of us. That is why we protest here at the embassy of Russia against criminalizing kissing.

Shit , this is a Kiss-in , go on , go kiss , smooch, each other ! Mr Putin lets make love. Like men can have a women bosses , and Blacks can sit in the front of a bus in the US, and now have a black president. Don’t be afraid of kissing people… All you need is Love. With Love to Russia! Think about it , love is not a fuckin crime – Rather then applaud , smooch, each other , it’s a Kiss-in.

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