Small Prayer Midwinter 1 AM

Small Prayer Midwinter 1 AM
Small prayer – Piccola Preghiera – watching the Christmas tree on the longest night 1 AM December 22, 2007 at Amadeus Hotel at the Market Square in the historic Haarlem city center, Holland. Music : Piccola Preghiera by Kaleido Sea | Artlist
Film : 20191222 Michel van der Burg | |

Speed Camera

① memo 20180205 ~ Speed Camera ~ “What are you doing … speed control ? Do I drive too fast?
I have my little tripod-mounted silvery Canon HV20 camcorder right beside the cross-country skiing trail around Seefeld winter 2008 , and the frolic lady reacts (German) “Was machen Sie da , Geschwindigheidskontrolle ? Fahr Ich zu schnell ?”