Mushrooms Make It Rain

Rainy day in the woods around Alphen in Holland. Filmed with Sony ZV-1 camera using the internal microphone. Mushrooms make it rain I read … ‘airborne spores released from higher fungi can actually kick start the cohesion of water vapor into water droplets on a massive scale’ (blog forestfloornarrative•com). Mushrooms Make It Rain | 20201010 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com

Magic Wood Lover

Cluster mushrooms on a tree stumb, this rainy autumn day in the woods around Alphen , Holland.
Hypholoma – Clustered woodlover, Sulphur Tuft, Hypholoma fasciculare, Psilocybe fascicularis, dutch : Gewone zwavelkop – I guess. Magic Wood Lover | 20201003 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com

Brussels Café Window

Brussels Café Window ~ Rainy night outside Café À la Mort Subite (reflecting in the window) Feb. 2020 opposite the Brussels Campus of KU Leuven university and the Cat on a bike sculpture “La Cycliste” (Alain Séchas) in the center of Brussels. Brussels Café Window | 20200618 |


Clockwork ~ Musical clock filmed on a rainy spring day in 2012 at vintage store ‘Old Clocks’ – @Maiselova – Maiselova street in the former Prague Jewish quarter Josefov, Praha, Czech Republic. Remake of film first published April 2012 (20120408) in The One Minutes Collection (# 3547), and online August 2012 at my now obsolete YouTube channel iClip – that’s being archived, transferring content to my main channel .
Film : Clockwork (20120408 – 20200603) Michel van der Burg | | . Thanks to ‘Old Clocks’ @Maiselova , Prague .