Brussels Café Window

Brussels Café Window ~ Rainy night outside Café À la Mort Subite (reflecting in the window) Feb. 2020 opposite the Brussels Campus of KU Leuven university and the Cat on a bike sculpture “La Cycliste” (Alain Séchas) in the center of Brussels. Brussels Café Window | 20200618 |


Clockwork ~ Musical clock filmed on a rainy spring day in 2012 at vintage store ‘Old Clocks’ – @Maiselova – Maiselova street in the former Prague Jewish quarter Josefov, Praha, Czech Republic. Remake of film first published April 2012 (20120408) in The One Minutes Collection (# 3547), and online August 2012 at my now obsolete YouTube channel iClip – that’s being archived, transferring content to my main channel .
Film : Clockwork (20120408 – 20200603) Michel van der Burg | | . Thanks to ‘Old Clocks’ @Maiselova , Prague .

Ateliers Monnaie PUSH

Ateliers Monnaie PUSH
Kids enter the Brussels’ Ateliers La Monnaie / De Munt last year March 14 , 2019 , for the Belgian premiere of the community opera PUSH – a community project – based on the story of Simon Gronowski , holocaust survivor and a Brussels resident. The Belgian queen Mathilde was attended by Simon Gronowski and family. After the show , just before all had left, Amos Suchecki (from the chorus Choeurs d’enfants de la Monnaie) sings me this song a cappella in the hallway – here in the background of this video clip.

April 19th 2020 – Ma Vie N’est Que Miracles –
Tomorrow, April 19th 2020, a special virtual performance of the finale of PUSH – “Ma Vie N’est Que Miracles” – will premiere Online hosted by Howard Moody, Composer – with more than 150 singers from the UK and Belgium (Bexhill, Brussels, Chichester and Salisbury) – exactly 77 years after Simon Gronowski was helped by his mother Chana to jump from the 20th train to Auschwitz after three Resistance heroes stopped this Nazi train transporting 1600 Jewish deportees.
Film : Ateliers Monnaie PUSH (20200418) Michel van der Burg | |