Gone with the Wind

Freewheelin’ with the strong sea wind blowing the bicycles over the dike on the dutch island Terschelling along the Wadden Sea, December 2017.
Gone with the Wind ~ Music : The People by Kyle Preston | Artlist ~ Film : 20201213 Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

Shut Off Dike

Motorway on the Afsluitdijk (English literally : Shut-off-dike) – filmed here in Dec. 2016. The dike runs between the North Holland province and the Friesland province in the Netherlands over a length of 20 miles (32 kilometres) with the Wadden Sea on the one side and the IJsselmeer lake on the other side – the fresh water lake that used to be the sea inlet Zuiderzee (English: Southern Sea) before the damming off in 1932 to protect the inland against flooding. Shut Off Dike | 20201202 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com

Winter on West-Terschelling

Wadden Sea harbor town West-Terschelling with the Brandaris lighthouse on the dutch island Terschelling, panorama Dec. 2016 from the high dune at the southermost point – called Seinpaalduin – protecting the village from the powerful Western storms.
Winter on West-Terschelling | 20201201 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com