Tour Testosteroni | 20210612

Tour Testosteroni | 20210612 | 1-memo•com

On a dyke in the Green Heart of Holland.

TECH NOTE (test review):
iPhone 12 Pro Max – Standard wide lens | Camera Settings : Dolby Vision HDR 4K 60 fps / Auto FPS (Max 60 fps, 440 MB/min). This camera file resulting in : 60 fps 55,11 Mbit/s.
Quality better I guess than what I used standard untill recently for settings 25 fps , Max 190 MB/min. FCP project 4K 60 fps Rec. 2020 HLG.
Export for Apple devices 10 bit Rec. 2020 HLG HEVC automatic framerate Encoder type ‘Faster’ – that is forcing hardware encoding M1 – bit rate (not automatic) max 50,000 kbps, now resulting in final export file 30 fps , 50 Mbit/s.

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Winter Willows | 20210209

Winter Willows | 20210209 | 1-memo•com
Pollard willows in the white Green Heart of Holland. iPhone 12 Pro Max – HDR , ECV -0.3, and Shure MV88 audio. Edit in iMovie iOS.
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White Text HDR in Final Cut Pro | 20210114

White Text HDR in Final Cut Pro | 20210114 | 1-memo•com

Problem : Grey Text
White text eg. Titles in Final Cut Pro ,
looks grey on HDR footage ( iPhone 12 – Rec.2020 HLG ) in a FCP Wide Gamut library. Solution : HDR Tools
Apply HDR Tools to the title clips, logo (PNG) etc … Mode : PQ to HLG (Rec.2100) Peak Brightness (nits) 100 (– 200). Brightness may be fine tuned with a peak (nits) between eg. 100-200/300.

Text like eg. Titles in Final Cut Pro that normally is white in a standard library (SDR) is grey on HDR footage in a wide gamut library, and thus cannot be used in most cases.
Here I use a Wide Gamut library in Final Cut Pro (using version 10.4.10) and a Project color space : Wide Gamut HDR – Rec. 2020 HLG.
I today found a solution – workaround perhaps – using the HDR Tools filter in the app.
Just apply the filter to the title clip and set the HDR Tools Mode : PQ to HLG (Rec.2100) – Peak Brightness (nits) 100.
This also works in the Motion app that I use to make custom subtitle templates – here the HDR Tools is used on the layer ‘Type Text Here’.

Footage filmed in Dolby Vision HDR on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with Shure MV88 for sound, in the Green Heart of Holland.

This short film starts with no HDR Tools applied. Top left is the logo ① memo based on a PNG file. A FCP lower-third title is used in the first part. In the last part the summary text is shown in a custom made Motion template.

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Floaters ~ One minute at the border of the Silent Rhine from under the ‘Fish-bridge’ at the confluence of the Old and New Rhine, where Leyden was born, October 2009, Leyden, Holland.
First published in 2010 (20101023) via my now obsolete YouTube channel iClip , as : 1’2009 Stille Rijn – Leiden – Holland.
Next remade and submitted as ‘floaters’ for The One Minutes Collection (# 3877 , file mvdb20120829_floaters ) August 31, 2012. That version upscaled for today ‘s online version here.
Film : Floaters (20101023 – 20120831 – 20200513) Michel van der Burg | |