① memo 20180315 ~ Sensor ~ First shot yesterday with a new Sony Alpha A7 mark III camera , inspecting the sensor for dust over the blue sky, and focussing on some clouds – using a Sony FE 55mm F/1.8 prime lens at F11 with continuous autofocus. Later that day of testing and customizing this camera , I learned this new camera’s image quality probably equals the quality in low light of my Sony A7S mark II camera (with the Sony FE 28mm F2 prime lens) , and with a far better focussing experience with this camera/lens combination – accurate portrait auto focussing in the dark – a delight to use !

Speed Camera

① memo 20180205 ~ Speed Camera ~ “What are you doing … speed control ? Do I drive too fast?
I have my little tripod-mounted silvery Canon HV20 camcorder right beside the cross-country skiing trail around Seefeld winter 2008 , and the frolic lady reacts (German) “Was machen Sie da , Geschwindigheidskontrolle ? Fahr Ich zu schnell ?”


① memo 20170807 ~ Cruise ~ Having dinner summer 2003 , while cruising the Skagerrak strait south from Norway , and ‘filming’ with the Canon PowerShot G3 stills camera using original best settings of 15 frames / second and a format of 320 × 240 pixels.

Girl Topsy-Turvy In Camera Obscura

① memo 20161015 ~ Girl Topsy-Turvy In Camera Obscura ~ Best way , right ? , watching the upside down Rotterdam skyline in a huge camera obscura (Rotterdam Cruise Terminal transformed into a camera obscura).
Filmed at the “Cruise Terminal becomes Camera Obscura” event of the ‘Nederlands Fotomuseum‘ performed by David Smeulders and co-workers with music from downstairs in the building by the Dutch Youth Accordion Orchestra ( NJAO , MD Marc Belder ) – Sep 11th 2011 (a cloudy day) in Rotterdam , Holland