Color Grading Dolby Sony ZV-1 | 20210222

Color Grading Dolby Sony ZV-1 | 20210222 | 1-memo•com
New edition of footage used previously for a Sennheiser MKE200 Microphone Review , first published September 20th 2020 (20200920) and filmed that day with the Sony ZV-1 camera at sunset in the Green Heart of Holland. No fur windscreen on top of the Sennheiser MKE200 Microphone (which has some built in sheet protection), using footage shot before the actual review discussion 😉

Follow up on experiments with including now Dolby Vision metadata with HDR export after some colorgrading on footage shown before as : 1) Sennheiser MKE200 & Sony ZV-1 HLG | 20210212
2) Final Color Grading HLG Sony ZV-1 | 20200925~20200929

Macbook Air M1 is much slower than expected and/or first experienced. After showing a 2-3 times faster export from FCP the first 1-2 days , now export times are probably similar compared to my maxed-out late 2015 iMac.
Note also that I did start all software on the M1 Mac fresh – no copying of system or applications from the older Mac.
I left out titles/logos here , trying to improve export time – with no success it seems.
Exporting time of these 4K HDR files is roughly 10 times the length of the video.

NO Neat Video noise reduction available it seems for this M1 chip mac. I applied both FCP native noise reduction effect , and some color grading (exposure mostly, and some saturation and color temp changes) using the FCP color wheels on a custom Motion made 4K-wide gamut adjustment layer. The important adjustmenst are a major increase in midtones exposure , and slight exposure decrease in highlights and shadows

Now a FCP wide gamut library was used, with a Rec 2020 HLG project setting for this raw HDR footage filmed with the Sony ZV-1 camera set on the PP10 picture profile with Hybrid Log-Gamma HLG2. Now noise reduction now either.
Though the original footage is 8-bit, correct export from this FCPX project requires 10-bit.
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White Text HDR in Final Cut Pro | 20210114

White Text HDR in Final Cut Pro | 20210114 | 1-memo•com

Problem : Grey Text
White text eg. Titles in Final Cut Pro ,
looks grey on HDR footage ( iPhone 12 – Rec.2020 HLG ) in a FCP Wide Gamut library. Solution : HDR Tools
Apply HDR Tools to the title clips, logo (PNG) etc … Mode : PQ to HLG (Rec.2100) Peak Brightness (nits) 100 (– 200). Brightness may be fine tuned with a peak (nits) between eg. 100-200/300.

Text like eg. Titles in Final Cut Pro that normally is white in a standard library (SDR) is grey on HDR footage in a wide gamut library, and thus cannot be used in most cases.
Here I use a Wide Gamut library in Final Cut Pro (using version 10.4.10) and a Project color space : Wide Gamut HDR – Rec. 2020 HLG.
I today found a solution – workaround perhaps – using the HDR Tools filter in the app.
Just apply the filter to the title clip and set the HDR Tools Mode : PQ to HLG (Rec.2100) – Peak Brightness (nits) 100.
This also works in the Motion app that I use to make custom subtitle templates – here the HDR Tools is used on the layer ‘Type Text Here’.

Footage filmed in Dolby Vision HDR on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with Shure MV88 for sound, in the Green Heart of Holland.

This short film starts with no HDR Tools applied. Top left is the logo ① memo based on a PNG file. A FCP lower-third title is used in the first part. In the last part the summary text is shown in a custom made Motion template.

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Frozen Rietveld Canal | 20210110

Frozen Rietveld Canal | 20210110 | 1-memo•com
Sunday walk on the dike path along the frozen ‘Kerkvaart’ canal (literally Church Voyage) of the farmers boat hamlet Rietveld (literally Reed Field) in the Green Heart of Holland.
Dolby Vision HDR using the standard lens with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, ECV setting 0 – no editing.
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Gone with the Wind

Freewheelin’ with the strong sea wind blowing the bicycles over the dike on the dutch island Terschelling along the Wadden Sea, December 2017.
Gone with the Wind ~ Music : The People by Kyle Preston | Artlist ~ Film : 20201213 Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media