① memo 20170831 ~ Souvenir ~ Souvenir of Hôtel des Fleurs , former hotel in Ger (Normandy) of Solange and Gilbert Thomas , browsing together August 2007 in the book I just bought on the history of the small town Ger , Saint-Michel des Andaines , Normandy , France

Terschelling Islanders

① memo 20170410 ~ Terschelling Islanders ~ Anne and his dog are islanders on the dutch island Terschelling. Anne tells some anecdotes : His dog won a dutch photo prize before – photographed like that touring along the Wadden Sea (at the Dellewal bike path) that was published in a newspaper – and Anne played in the dutch movie “Sil de strandjutter” (in the 70s) – and Anne further tells me , his dog generally stays put safely in that basket – for 14 years now – though once in a while falls out mostly by Anne’s mistakes during an occasional emergency brake. Some days ago , West-Terschelling , Netherlands