Embrace Installation

Placing of Koenraad Tinel’s work of art EMBRACE – a translation of his remarkable friendship with lawyer Simon Gronowski – in Ganshoren , Brussels , Belgium, October 22, 2018.

A sculpture on Simon Gronowski’s jump to freedom at the age of 11, when pushed by his mother out of the 20th death train to Auschwitz in 1943.

Watch the inauguration panorama October 26, 2018 here – https://michelvanderburg.com/2018/10/26/embrace/

Both Koenraad Tinel and Simon Gronowski together received honorary doctorates (doctor honoris causa) by both the VUB and ULB Brussels’ universities today Sep. 22th 2020 at 3:22 PM CET in Brussels.
Embrace Installation | 20200922 | Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | Miracles.Media


NL – Wonderlust – Discussie over de kunst, rol en begeerte van en voor verwondering in een mooi leven. EN – Wonderlust for the world and life. Discussion (in dutch).
Paperback : Wonderlust – Pat Donnez, Jean Paul van Bendegem & Caroline Pauwels | ISBN 9789057189005 e-book 9789057189142 | VUBPRESS. Film : 20200320 Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | 1-memo.com

Wonder Ode ~ Caroline Pauwels

Wonder Ode ~ Caroline Pauwels

NL – Waarom is de zee blauw ?
‘Ode aan de verwondering’ is een pleidooi van Caroline Pauwels om opnieuw met die ‘kinderlijk’ onbevangen blik naar de wereld te kijken , met verwondering – niet alleen in wetenschap en kunst , maar ook in de grote en kleine momenten van elke dag.

EN – Why is the sea blue?
Ode to Wonder (dutch language essay ‘Ode aan de verwondering’) is a plea by Belgian author Caroline Pauwels to look at the world again with that childlike open-mindedness – to wonder, not just in science and art, but also in all these big and small moments of everyday life.

Paperback : Ode aan de verwondering – Caroline Pauwels | Illustr. Gerda Dendooven | ISBN 9789401463874 | Academia Press.
Film : 20200319 Michel van der Burg | michelvanderburg.com | 1-memo.com

Child’s Cry

Child’s Cry

Child’s Cry is a musical edition of the film Transport XX Face To Face (20200110) matched to ‘Que Siga el Calor’ , an original song by Simon Lapscher, Moshe Bitton, and Samuel Truzman.
A special co-production for International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2020.

Comment by Samuel Truzman :
“Esta canción la escribimos cuando teníamos 16 años, con unos amigos con los que tenía una banda que se llamaba So Seven. La fuerza y el impacto de la canción y el sentimiento es el mismo, nunca olvidar.
Escrita por: Simon Lapscher, Bimbi y yo.”

English translation of Samuel’s comment (by me):
“This song we wrote when we were 16 years with some friends that had a band called So Seven. The strength and impact of the song and the feeling is the same, never forget.
Written by: Simon Lapscher, Bimbi and Samuel Truzman.”

Made possible by: Project “Give them a Face” – Kazerne Dossin: Memorial, Museum and Documentation Centre on the Holocaust and Human Rights (Mechelen, BE); and the National State Archives of Belgium. Ministry of Justice, Public Safety Office, Foreigner’s Police, individual files.
Note : The film edition posted January 25, 2020 (20200125) is replaced by this Feb. 2, 2020 edition (20200202).
Music : Que Siga el Calor by Simon Lapscher, Moshe Bitton, and Samuel Truzman.
Film : Child’s Cry (20200125-20200202) Michel van der Burg | miracles.media

English translation of the spanish lyrics :

Uncertain life
Once again loses
…Its integrity
You were sitting on nana’s bed thinking about going out to play When will you be old enough…
…to learn how to die?
How to understand that here is where his childhood dies?
Strange men are taking Dad away
You can’t find the light
The sun goes down, and you’re thirsty inside a wagon
You’re starting to lose your illusion
Grace no longer covers you
She raises her voice, is impatient
Because the train’s driver did not warn her
That she was on the death train
So pitiful is humanity
She hides the truth
But that child
Who was not given a start
Could have been the captain
Of this ship
That knows not how to navigate
Me, you, him
We are all
Wanderers walking.

The death of the jew was proclaimed
He was laughing mercilessly
The cry of that child burned us
Tet the heat continue

The death of the jew was proclaimed
He was laughing mercilessly
The cry of that child burned us
Let the heat continue
Uncertain life