Bridge 69 X Bridge 87 ~ Amsterdam Streets

Bridge 69 X Bridge 87 ~ Amsterdam Streets
Amsterdam street view of the Spiegelgracht (Mirror canal) last Friday – with the Rijksmuseum in the background – standing at the crossing of bridge 69 (Antiquairbrug / Antiquarian bridge) spanning the Prinsengracht canal and on the right bridge 87 (Spiegelbrug / Mirror bridge) spanning the Spiegelgracht (Mirror canal). Film : 20200119 Michel van der Burg |

Roe Sluice Bridge 64 ~ Amsterdam Streets

Roe Sluice Bridge 64 ~ Amsterdam Streets
Street view last week on the ‘Roe Sluice’ (Reesluis – bridge 64) over the Prinsengracht canal – port to the Jordaan district on the left – with the Westerkerk church (near the Anne Frank House) in the background – Amsterdam, 4:38 PM January 7, 2020. Bridge named after the hide trade including roe deer skin that used to be there and in the Jordaan. Film : 20200111 Michel van der Burg |

Bridge 112 bordering the Jordaan ~ Amsterdam Streets

Bridge 112 bordering the Jordaan ~ Amsterdam Streets
Street view on the banks of the Prinsengracht canal with in the west bank the ‘Tennis Court’ bridge (Caetsbaanbrug, bridge 112) over the Lauriergracht canal – in the 16th century called ‘Caetsbaensloot’ for the ditch along the ‘Caetsbaenspad’ , the footpath , named after a tennis court (caetsbaen) there outside the city walls, now the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. The Westerkerk church bells are ringing 4:30 PM (January 7, 2020). Film : 20200109 Michel van der Burg |

Rembrandt Bridge

① memo 20191008 ~ Rembrandt Bridge ~ The bridge (Lange Houte Brugge) over the Old Rhine (this part is called ‘Galgewater’ because of the gallows that once stood there) in Leiden, Holland, were Rembrandt was born and that he watched being build in 1611 (rebuild 1983). The bridge connects the Weddesteeg street (were Rembrandt lived) with the Galgewater street – filmed October 2009.