Camp Prisoner Badge W-46 Kazerne Dossin

Camp Prisoner Badge W-46 Kazerne Dossin ~
A prisoner’s cardboard badge number W/46 from the SS administration of Kazerne Dossin. Jews earmarked for forced labour as prisoners in the SS Mechelen transit camp, the Dossin Barracks (Kazerne Dossin) carried a cardboard neck badge with “W” (Werk) followed by a number.
Interview with Janiv Stamberger (researcher Kazerne Dossin / University of Antwerp) filmed by Michel van der Burg ( on August 18, 2016 at the Wiki Loves Art event in Kazerne Dossin , Mechelen , Belgium.

A still from this video (Image Ref.: mvdb20160818_182230) is available via Wikimedia  .
Note : I corrected the number (from 64 to 46) in the Wiki description today , but I am not able to change the number in the file name (and the listed camera metadata) on Wikimedia.

Camp Prisoner Badge W-46 Kazerne Dossin | 20200819 | Michel van der Burg | |

Bridge 69 X Bridge 87 ~ Amsterdam Streets

Bridge 69 X Bridge 87 ~ Amsterdam Streets
Amsterdam street view of the Spiegelgracht (Mirror canal) last Friday – with the Rijksmuseum in the background – standing at the crossing of bridge 69 (Antiquairbrug / Antiquarian bridge) spanning the Prinsengracht canal and on the right bridge 87 (Spiegelbrug / Mirror bridge) spanning the Spiegelgracht (Mirror canal). Film : 20200119 Michel van der Burg |

溅…刹那即永恒 Splash…One Minute is Eternal

溅…刹那即永恒 Splash…One Minute is Eternal

Wonderful news today from The One Minutes :
My one minute film SPLASH – 溅 – is screened at the ‘One Minute is Eternal’ exhibition in the Power Station of Arts museum in Shanghai.

Update Oct 17, 2019 — The exhibition is postponed until later this year.

Power Station of Art (PSA) in Shanghai (CN) presents 刹那即永恒 – One Minute is Eternal – Celebrating 21 years of One Minutes from 23 October until 24 November 2019.

On the top floor of the museum, PSA presents 21 series of one-minute videos curated by Melanie Bonajo, David Claerbout, Kate Cooper, Harm van den Dorpel, Helen Dowling, Cécile B. Evans, Va-Bene E. Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT), Goys & Birls, Tao Hui, Lawrence Lek & Lua Vollaard, Melvin Moti, Shana Moulton, David Henry Nobody Jr, Joseph Popper, Tereza Ruller, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Cally Spooner, Kubilay Mert Ural and Ana Vaz.

SPLASH is part of the One Minutes Series ‘Enjoy your file, download your life’ curated by Studio David Claerbout. From the vast The One Minutes Collection, Studio David Claerbout made a very subjective choice of thirty-seven videos of different lives, voices, perspectives, imaginations, fun, pain, madness and peace.

All participating artists are listed in the press release (link below):
The One Minutes – Press release 10 October 2019 – Power Station of Art presents 21 years of One Minutes

Film 溅…刹那即永恒 Splash…One Minute is Eternal (20191010) Michel van der Burg |

More on SPLASH below :

Splash –

Enjoy your file, download your life

SPLASH in Nanjing Museum ‘Celebrating 20 years of One Minutes’


Update Oct 17, 2019 — The exhibition is postponed until later this year.

Message To Kazerne Dossin

Message To Kazerne Dossin
Behind the scenes working on Miracles film. Typing a last message in the guest book at a film location scouting visit October 19, 2013 with Philippe Renette at the Kazerne Dossin Museum in Mechelen, Belgium .

“Echt onder de indruk.
Een museum voor de jongere generaties.
Nooit meer vergeten en zorgen dat het nooit meer gebeurt.
Respect en verdraagzaamheid. — Philippe Renette

Translation :
Really impressed.
A museum for the younger generations.
Never forget and ensure that it never happens again.
Respect and tolerance.

Message To Kazerne Dossin
Behind the Scenes Miracles film October 19, 2013 with Philippe Renette.
Film (20191005) Michel van der Burg |