Fresh Air

Fresh Air
Breath of fresh air in Holland during self-isolation time , filmed at home in the garden yesterday (April 6) and produced April 7, 2020 for The One Minutes Collection. File name : Michel van der Burg_Fresh Air_2020_Netherlands .
Film : Fresh Air (20200407) Michel van der Burg | |

Christmas Song Playing Pansfluiter Street Organ

Christmas Song Playing Pansfluiter Street Organ
The one century old Gouda street organ ‘Pansfluiter’ (Pan whistler) – originally from Antwerp, in the streets of Amsterdam around 1900, and owned by Adrie Vergeer ( ) in Gouda since 1974 – at Candlelight Night , December 2008 in the historic city center of Gouda , Holland. Music : Street Organ Pansfluiter , Adrie Vergeer , Gouda
Film : 20191225 Michel van der Burg |