Saturday Market Leyden | 20211022

Saturday Market Leyden | 20211022 | 1-memo•com | Saturday week market today 5 years ago along the Old Rhine river canal in the historic center of Leiden (Leyden) city, Holland, Oct 22, 2016. New edition of film published first (20161022) via Vimeo only.

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Film and Photographic Studies

Film and Photographic Studies ~
Start of lectures Histories and Theories of Photography, September 2008, here with Rachel Esner discussing On the Art of French Calotype. Film and Photographic Studies by the Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts and Faculty of Humanities of the Leiden University – Pieter de la Court building , Leiden, Holland. Video with the tiny SONY DSC-T10 camera. Film and Photographic Studies | 20200905 |

Mart Broers’ Street Organ

Mart Broers’ Street Organ ~ Interview organ grinder Mart Broers – organs, book music, and his street organ “Calypso” in the streets of Leyden (Haarlemmerstraat), Sep 16th 2008 , Leyden , Holland. Video with the tiny SONY DSC-T10 camera. New 20200904 HD YouTube edition – published first 20161009 via Vimeo. Mart Broers’ Street Organ | 20161009 | 20200904 |

Start Humanities Leiden University

Start Humanities Leiden University ~
Start with A-la-Carte education in the fields of eg. art history, literary history and theory, film and media studies, at the Faculty of Humanities of the Leiden University with this first lecture Western art just a week after the creation of this faculty September 1, 2008 through a merger of the Faculties of Religious Studies, Arts, Letters and Philosophy. Lipsius Building , Leiden, Holland. Video with the tiny SONY DSC-T10 camera. Start Humanities Leiden University | 20200904 |


Floaters ~ One minute at the border of the Silent Rhine from under the ‘Fish-bridge’ at the confluence of the Old and New Rhine, where Leyden was born, October 2009, Leyden, Holland.
First published in 2010 (20101023) via my now obsolete YouTube channel iClip , as : 1’2009 Stille Rijn – Leiden – Holland.
Next remade and submitted as ‘floaters’ for The One Minutes Collection (# 3877 , file mvdb20120829_floaters ) August 31, 2012. That version upscaled for today ‘s online version here.
Film : Floaters (20101023 – 20120831 – 20200513) Michel van der Burg | |


Eve…I presume. First, archaic, humans – Homo Erectus – ‘Upright Man’, living from around 2 million years ago. Forensic reconstruction of an adult female Homo erectus last week in the Naturalis Biodiversity Center , Leiden, Holland. Film : 20200302 Michel van der Burg |

Sunday Study

Sunday Study
Highschool students flock to training sites this Sunday morning, first Spring day, in the city of Leiden , Holland – working during the winter break in preparation for the national written examination at the end of the final school year, starting in May. Film : 20200301 Michel van der Burg |