Folk Patio Le Temps | 20210411

Folk Patio Le Temps | 20210411 | 1-memo•com
Folk music on the patio of Café Le Temps – @cafeletemps – under the umbrellas in the summer rain during the 2007 International Street Theatre Festival of Aurillac (Auvergne) France.
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Hava Nagila Dancing in French Streets | 20210410

Hava Nagila Dancing in French Streets | 20210410 | 1-memo•com
Let me know in the comments below, when you know this band’s name 😉 performing Hava Nagila summer 2007 at the International Street Theatre Festival of Aurillac (Auvergne) France Aurillac, France.

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Christmas Carols

Christmas carols by the Church Choir Igls-Lans on the village square in the little mountain town Igls (Innsbruck, Tyrol) Austria at the traditional Bergweihnacht the 23rd of december, here in 2008.
Christmas Carols ~ Music : Kirchenchor Igls-Lans – Bergweihnacht Igls Dec 23, 2008 ~ Film : 20201223 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com | Miracles•Media

Kaarsjesavond Candle Night Gouda

The people of Gouda in Holland burn candles at the traditional december candle night ‘Kaarsjesavond’ all over the historic town center, where Adrie Vergeer’s Gouda street organs ‘Pansfluiter’ (Pan whistler) and ‘Het Zonnetje’ (Little Sun) play, and the kids of Music school Gouda. When the candles in the giant tree on the central market square are lit, the Carillon is played by Boudewijn Zwart, and Gouda songs (Als de kaarsjes branden… Gouda stad van …) by Desiree Coumans with John de Heij (guitar) and Nils Davidse (piano) – sound on that freezing cold (-7°C / 19°F) Friday night December 16, 2008 in front of a massive crowd at the town hall in the city center of Gouda , Holland. Mensen in Gouda, bedankt!

Kaarsjesavond Candle Night Gouda ~ Music : Violins of the Kids Muziekschool Gouda , Street organs Pansfluiter & Het Zonnetje (Adrie Vergeer), Carillon by Boudewijn Zwart, songs by Desiree Coumans with John de Heij and Nils Davidse – Dec. 16, 2008 … Gouda people thanks! ~ Film : 20201211 Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media

Sing Shoes Sweets Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas folklore St Nicolas – At bedtime Dutch children place their shoes before the chimney or the door (called ‘je schoen zetten’) – with carrots or apples for the horse of St Nicolas – and sing a lot of songs for St Nicolas and Black Pete, hoping to find some sweets in their shoe the next morning. Filmed Nov. 22nd 2018.
Sing Shoes Sweets Sinterklaas | 20201128 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com

Mart Broers’ Street Organ

Mart Broers’ Street Organ ~ Interview organ grinder Mart Broers – organs, book music, and his street organ “Calypso” in the streets of Leyden (Haarlemmerstraat), Sep 16th 2008 , Leyden , Holland. Video with the tiny SONY DSC-T10 camera. New 20200904 HD YouTube edition – published first 20161009 via Vimeo. Mart Broers’ Street Organ | 20161009 | 20200904 |

Amos ~ Vaishnava

Amos ~ Vaishnava
Amos Suchecki sings a cappella Vaishnava Jana To in the hallway of the Brussels’ Ateliers La Monnaie last year March 14 , 2019.

Lyrics :

Original Gujarati – Vaishnav Jan to taynay kahyeeye,
Jay peerh paraayee janneyray.

EN (tr. Gandhi)
He is a real Vaishnav,
Who feels the suffering of others as his own suffering.

FR (tr EN)
C’est un vrai vishnouïte,
Celui qui ressent la souffrance des autres comme si c’était la sienne.

Recorded at the Ateliers La Monnaie , 14 March 2019, Brussels. Music : Vaishnava Jana To | Amos Suchecki
Film : 20200423 Michel van der Burg | |