Good Night

① memo 20171025 ~ Good Night ~ Flowers last night , from the ASF België / Belgique (Belgian ASF association of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace) and the Atelier , for both the Piano trio Vincent Tohier, Daniela Giovanna Becerra Pérez, and Elisabeth Sturtewagen , and for Koenraad Tinel & Simon Gronowski after the interview by Walter Pauli at the Atelier Marcel Hastir in Brussels , Belgium

Lidele In Yiddish — Inejnem

① memo 20170526 ~ Lidele In Yiddish – Inejnem ~ Play me a song in Yiddish – Shpil Zhe Mir A Lidele In Yiddish – May 26th, 2012 by the klezmer music band “INEJNEM” – – in front of Restaurant Ester on Szeroka street in the heart of Kazimierz – the old Jewish district of Kraków , Poland.
Iryna Stefaniuk is singing, with Myroslav Bandrivskyy playing the clarinet, Jurij Bejchuk on guitar, and Jarosław „Filip” Filipiak on contrabass. See Inejnem’s facebook for other concert info. Film : Michel van der Burg – |