Hirsch on the Ground ~ Old Market Marolles

Hirsch on the Ground ~ Old Market Marolles
‘Hirsch par Terre’ (Hirsch on the Ground) flea market, last Monday, named after the Brussels couture house Hirsch & Cie founded in 1869 by the Jewish migrant Léo Hirsch. One of the names of the Old Market (Le Vieux Marché) started 1873 in the Marolles quarter of Brussels. Film : 20200212 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Passerby ~ Stumbling Stones Brussels

Passerby ~ Stumbling Stones Brussels
Little school kids yesterday afternoon, passing the stumbling stones in front of 92 Rue des Tanneurs (Huidevettersstraat – ‘Tanner street’) in the Marolles quarter of Brussels, of Mrs. Mirla Zalc (deported Jan 15, 1943 with transport #18) – widow of Jacob Eisenstab – and their three children Ida (deported Aug 15, 1942 with transport #3), Szlama (deported Aug 18, 1942 with transport #4), and Louis Eisenstab (deported April 19, 1943, number 1198 on transport #20). All murdered in Auschwitz. Film : 20200211 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Maks Bohm ~ Stumbling Stones Brussels

Maks Bohm ~ Stumbling Stones Brussels
Max Bohm (Maks Bohm – born 1922 in Germany) lived here – were I filmed this stolperstein today – in the Marolles district of Brussels at 112 Rue des Tanneurs (Huidevettersstraat – ‘Tanner street’) when he was arrested , and emprisoned in the nearby Mechelen transit camp (Kazerne Dossin) before being deported April 19, 1943 with Transport XX (the 20th train convoy direction Auschwitz). Max escaped, but he was arrested and deported again July 31, 1943 with the next convoy , Transport XXI , to Auschwitz were Max was murdered. Film : 20200210 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com