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① memo 20181212 ~ The Correspondent News ~ Choose what you pay , and join … become a pioneer !
The Correspondent just crossed two major milestones: ~ 40,000 founding members now raised ~ $2.3 million of the $2.5 million goal. That is amazing.
Now some $200,000 more to raise – but only 2 days left to make The Correspondent a reality .
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Looe Key Reef Trip

① memo 20181208 ~ Looe Key Reef Trip ~ Boat trip last month starting in the waterways of Ramrod Key and into the ocean to the beautiful Looe Key coral reef for scuba diving with underwater camerawoman Diane Lundy (divemaster Looe Key Dive Center ) using a GoPro Hero 3 – spotting dolphin (from the boat) , Goliath Groupers , sharks, stingray, barracuda, puffer fish, huge Spiney Caribbean lobster , sergeant barrel fish etc. Editing in Final Cut Pro X.