Devotion in Kazimierz | 20210522

Devotion in Kazimierz | 20210522
Kraków, May 2012 .
Devotion in Kazimierz ~ Music : Elven Song by Tilman Sillescu | Artlist ~ Film : 20210522 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com | Miracles•Media

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Church Road Reeuwijk | 20210314

Church Road Reeuwijk | 20210314 | 1-memo•com
Village Reeuwijk-Dorp seen from the Kerkweg road (Church road) today at sunset 6.30 PM in the Green Heart of Holland.
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Happy Angel | 20210103

Happy Angel | 20210103 | 1-memo•com
Porch of inn (Gasthof) with Magdalena chapel at a cross-country skiing track at 1634 m in the Alpen in Lüsens , Tyrol, Austria, Jan 2, 2009.
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Christmas Carols

Christmas carols by the Church Choir Igls-Lans on the village square in the little mountain town Igls (Innsbruck, Tyrol) Austria at the traditional Bergweihnacht the 23rd of december, here in 2008.
Christmas Carols ~ Music : Kirchenchor Igls-Lans – Bergweihnacht Igls Dec 23, 2008 ~ Film : 20201223 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com | Miracles•Media

Arrival Terschelling Wadden Islet

Arrival a foggy night December 2017 at 5PM in the little harbor town West-Terschelling on the Dutch Wadden island Terschelling , with the church bells striking 6PM one hour later in hotel NAP at the village square and the Brandaris lighthouse.
Arrival Terschelling Wadden Islet | 20201212 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com

Image The Other

Image The Other ~
Expo ‘The Image of the Other’ filmed March 18, 2014 in the Brussels Bequinage church.

Imaging the Other , Imagining Danger. How are “others” depicted? Are stereotypes necessary or dangerous? Does the comparison with contemporary cartoons hold up?

Quote :
“The Image of the Other wants to dwell on the image of the ‘Other’ : ‘the Black’, ‘the Jew’ , ‘the Turk’ , ‘the Heretic’. Examples from the Flemish and Dutch religious art from around 1450 – 1750 reflects this perception.

In art , the ‘Other’ is often stereotyped. Works of medieval or renaissance now give us the impression of being racist or discriminatory. But what about our newspapers and advertisements” Are they doing so much better?

The way in which the ‘Other’ is imagined should better not be underestimated as this could lead to serious consequences. For example, certain stereotypical views remain for decades and these biases can be part of our overall imaging. This process can even develop into structural racism. In that sense, there is a certain danger in the images of the other from the past. So we are quite critical of the thousands of images that we see every day.” — Quote from the installation ‘DE ANDERE VERBEELD / VERBEELD GEVAAR’ (The Image of the Other / Imaginary Danger) by ORBIT.

With this exhibition ORBIT wants to critically analyze our view of “the other”, past and present. ORBIT not only wants to dwell on the portrayal of ‘the other’ in Christian art, but also wants to dwell on today’s portrayal in the media. How are “others” depicted? Are stereotypes necessary or dangerous?

Thanks to Karen Wyckmans , Heritage Project Coordinator | Project “De Andere Verbeeld” (The Image of the Other) | ORBIT – . More info at site .
Thanks also to priest Daniel Alliët – host of both the expo and the concurrent Afghan Refugee Camp (March 2014) in the Brussels Beguinage Church (Saint John the Baptist at the Béguinage – Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste au Grand Béguinage ) – now House of Compassion – .
In the background sound of the Afghan Refugee Camp and the Béguinage church pipe organ played during music lessons by Félix Snyers and student.
From the Beguinage Project by Kristen Cattell (USA) and Michel van der Burg (Holland).
Film : Image The Other | 20200801 | Michel van der Burg | |