① memo 20171010 ~ Kritama ~ Last month on the balcony of tavern ‘Karagatsi’ in the natural port of Damouchari at the rocky Pelion coast , Mrs Kaiti – an imaginative cook – and mother of Apostolos Vainopoulos who runs the tavern – selects ‘Kritama’ – the editable , wild , salt-tolerant , plant with succulent salty leaves that flourishes on the rocky, salt-sprayed cliffs and beaches in Greece. Later Anna served us that simple Kritama salad to taste.

Wet Feet

① memo 20171009 ~ Wet Feet ~ Glasswort ( Salicornia ; dutch ‘Zeekraal’) , salt-tolerant plants (halophytes) on the Green Beach (Groene Strand) west of the village West-Terschelling on the frisian isle Terschelling , in the dutch Wadden Sea

REED – Pinhole Sound Sync

① memo 20170726 ~ REED – Pinhole Sound Sync ~ Pinhole video of reed in the wind along a dike of the Voorofsche polder , Around Alphen , Holland , July 2013 Pinhole camera and sound equipment:
SLR Magic ‘Toy’ Pin Hole cap – f/128 aperture, 12mm focal length (24mm-equivalent), 84° angle view – mounted on a Olympus Micro Four Third camera (E-PM1). Sound synchronized from Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder.