Color Grading

① memo 20171123 ~ Color Grading ~ My first few minutes experience/playing with color grading using ‘LUTs’ – The unedited version was uploaded yesterday as ① memo 20171122 ~ Footlight). The fading of the light looks more pronounced here. Camera used is Sony RX100 Mark II (The only RX100 version allowing use of external microphone). Brussels Sprouts in the Green Heart of Holland


① memo 20171010 ~ Kritama ~ Last month on the balcony of tavern ‘Karagatsi’ in the natural port of Damouchari at the rocky Pelion coast , Mrs Kaiti – an imaginative cook – and mother of Apostolos Vainopoulos who runs the tavern – selects ‘Kritama’ – the editable , wild , salt-tolerant , plant with succulent salty leaves that flourishes on the rocky, salt-sprayed cliffs and beaches in Greece. Later Anna served us that simple Kritama salad to taste.