The Art Of War – Transport XX

① memo 20180216 ~ The Art Of War – Transport XX ~ Portraits of 17 people liberated from a cattle car of Transport XX to Auschwitz, 19 April 1943 in Boortmeerbeek, Belgium, by three young men – Youra Livschitz, Robert Maistriau and Jean Franklemon. Video of a photomontage (still) submitted today for The Art of War exhibition in Kazerne Dossin (BE) by Michel van der Burg


① memo 20170831 ~ Souvenir ~ Souvenir of Hôtel des Fleurs , former hotel in Ger (Normandy) of Solange and Gilbert Thomas , browsing together August 2007 in the book I just bought on the history of the small town Ger , Saint-Michel des Andaines , Normandy , France