Spinning Sails ~ Pinhole Film

Spinning Sails ~ Pinhole Film .
Personal anecdote (to a grandchild, told at the end of this film , in dutch) : “a great-great grandmother of me was caught and killed by such spinning sails (blades) of her windmill” nearby in South-Holland.
Pinhole videography (camera without a lens – just a pinhole) of the sails of the hollow post corn windmill ‘New Life’ (dutch : wipstelling korenmolen “Nieuw Leven”) in the little town Hazerswoude , Alphen, South-Holland, Netherlands.
Previously as a shorter – one minute – edition published : Windmill Sails | 20160410 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com .
Filmed summer 2013 with a Olympus Micro Four Third camera (E-PM1) capped with the SLR Magic ‘Toy’ Pin Hole cap – f/128 aperture, 12mm focal length (24mm-equivalent), 84° angle view. Synchronized sound from Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder.
Spinning Sails ~ Pinhole Film | 20200710 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com | miracles•media

Holland Horizon

Holland Horizon
Peat meadows, grasslands, rapeseed (raapzaad) along waterways draining to the Old Rhine (Oude Rijn) river, in polders with farms and towns bordering the horizon in Holland. Meadow birds, water birds, and migrating birds like the Black-tailed godwit (grutto – Limosa limosa), geese, and common coot (Fulica atra – meerkoet). Film : 20200409 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Holland Land

Holland Land
Western peat meadows with ditches in the polders along the Old Rhine (Oude Rijn) river in the Netherlands. Sound of meadow birds like I guess the Redshank (Tringa totanus – Tureluur). Film : 20200408 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Water Village Klein Giethoorn

① memo 20190816 ~ Water Village Klein Giethoorn ~ Some people can only reach there homes or work by boat in this unique water-village ‘Klein Giethoorn’ (Little Giethoorn) in the Rietveld (‘Reed Field’) polder – here a path on a dike along the Rietveld waterway (Rietveldsche Vaart) and mill – around Alphen , Holland.