Art Aegidihof | 20210105

Art Aegidihof | 20210105 | 1-memo•com
Anna’s art in the traditional inn Ägidihof, Igls, Tyrol, Austria, filmed January 2008.
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Dutch Lunch ‘Twaalfuurtje’

Waiting in the harbor town Harlingen ferry terminal, in restaurant Grand Café Promenade, for the crossing over the Wadden Sea to Terschelling, with a ‘Twaalfuurtje’ (english literally : twelve o’clock) lunch : with split pea soup, meat sandwich with fried egg, a croquette with mustard, and a small salad – December 2017.
Dutch Lunch ‘Twaalfuurtje’ | 20201210 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com


Vincent ~ Auberge Ravoux in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris, France, photographed summer 1996.
Vincent van Gogh’s place the last 70 days of his life – in the Ravoux Inn with his tiny attic room , where he died in the early morning of 29 July 1890 – shot in the stomach (either by himself or by others).
Vincent ~ Music : Gymnopedie (Satie) by Ohad Ben Ari | Artlist ~ Film : 20200728 Michel van der Burg | |


De Hel (Hell) building with medieval front, September 2019, where we had dinner when it was a great Flemish restaurant , November 1995 during a ‘Joined meeting of the Dutch Diabetes Research Society & the Flemish Sci. Workgroup for Diabetology’, in Ghent (Belgium). It’s a Thai restaurant now.
Film : 20191124 Michel van der Burg |