① memo 20180215 ~ Miracles ~ Today ‘Miracles’ is announced : our title for the upcoming documentary on Simon Gronowski and Koenraad Tinel !

Today, also, we announce the birth of the Miracles•Media site and new film house !
Miracles•Media is first and foremost for promotion of the Miracles documentary film, and will further serve as platform and online portfolio of other productions.

“Ma vie n’est que de miracles” – My life is only miracles – Simon Gronowski.

Good Night

① memo 20171025 ~ Good Night ~ Flowers last night , from the ASF België / Belgique (Belgian ASF association of Action Reconciliation Service for Peace) and the Atelier , for both the Piano trio Vincent Tohier, Daniela Giovanna Becerra Pérez, and Elisabeth Sturtewagen , and for Koenraad Tinel & Simon Gronowski after the interview by Walter Pauli at the Atelier Marcel Hastir in Brussels , Belgium

Sculptor’s Monument Transport XX

① memo 20160427 ~ Sculptor’s Monument Transport XX ~ Sculptor Koenraad Tinel looks at the corten steel work of Etienne Desmet – the Transport XX monument in Boortmeerbeek , Belgium, during the commemoration April 27, 2014. Both Belgian visual artists were born in Ghent.
The sculpture commemorates the heroic attack in Boortmeerbeek April 19, 1943 on the deportation train ‘Transport XX’ – a cattle car train crammed with 1631 Jewish passengers, heading for Auschwitz – by three young men from Brussels – Youra Livschitz, Robert Maistriau and Jean Franklemon – who succeeded in opening one of the cars and liberate 17 people.