Sara and Me – Selfie for the Sea

① memo 20160608 ~ Sara & Me – Selfie For The Sea ~ This short film that I made today is a ‘Selfie For The Sea’ for World Oceans Day. My encounter with Sara the southern Sea lion diving in the open Caribbean Sea along the coast of Curaçao (Netherlands) was filmed by Gordy Cox in 2004. #SelfieForTheSea #WorldOceansDay @CelebrateOceans

Dive #57 – Kalli’s Reef

① memo 20160604 ~ Dive #57 – Kalli’s Reef ~ Afternoon (2-3 PM) wall dive at Kalli’s Reef near the coast of the Dutch Caribbean island Bonaire , May 23 , 2006.
Filming with Sony DSC-T1 camera. Seen a free-swimming spotted moray eel , trumpetfish, and caribbean reef squids among many other species.
A 72 min dive , max 18 meter (60 ft) depth , with buddy Christina (divemaster , Captain Don’s Habitat) and back solo.

Mi Dushi

① memo 20160603 ~ Mi Dushi ~ Diving 10 years ago at the Mi Dushi (Papiamento for “My Sweetheart”) site at the Klein Bonaire islet at 10-26 meters (30-85 ft) around noon ( you need a lot of sun-light going deep down there for filming some of the colors ) May 23, 2006 , Bonaire Dutch Caribbean. You can hear some air steadily escaping at a leaking O-ring of the gas regulator – not so dushi ! Filming with Sony DSC-T1 camera (no stabilisation).