Clipper Barge Haringvliet | 20220123

Clipper Barge Haringvliet | 20220123 | 1-memo•com | Classic clipper barge ‘Verwisseling’ earlier this month at the quay of the Haringvliet inland port in the delta of the Rhine river (Rijn) and Meuse river (Maas) in Rotterdam. Unfortunately I missed the ‘klipperkrullen’ curly decoration at the front of this sailing ship.
On the other bank – the south bank – a few buildings that survived the German bombing of Rotterdam in World War II – aka the Rotterdam Blitz – merchant houses from the early 1700s.
Because of the May 14, 1940 bombing the Rotterdam Dance School of Corrie Hartong had to move and found accomodation in one of these buildings with the white fronts , the 3rd from the right (no. 92). To the right the Rotterdam Student Society at no 94.
The rightmost merchant house with a white front – no. 98 – belonged to merchants from the 1700s – like families from the Dutch East India Company (Snellen) and in the 1800s a mayor (van Vollenhoven) and later the German merchant family Sölling that started banking with German relations.
In the early 1900s the Incasso-Bank and another bank housed here. The Incasso Bank made changes to the front of the building. May 1940 during the German blitz krieg , Dutch soldiers were fighting here. (Info on no 98 in HET KOOPMANSHUIS HARINGVLIET 98 DOOR MR. W. C. MEES | Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum | Stadsarchief Rotterdam.
In the fog in the background above the roofs a tip of the red Willemsbrug bridge spanning the Nieuwe Maas river.

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Sea Sparkle

Sea Sparkle ~ Sébastiaan Stevens plays his handpan drum on deck of the clipper Wilhelmina summer 2018 in the port of the dutch Wadden Sea island Vlieland. Sea Sparkle showed up in front of us – a tip from shipper Harriët.

A first edition of this film was published 20180725 with the title : Sébastiaan’s Sea Sparkle .
This new edition of the film (20200814) now has improved color/light correction using noise reduction with Neat Video.

Sébastiaan recently published his album Hangen op Vlieland (Hang on Vlieland) via his site .

Filmed with an iPhone X – using the Sennheiser Ambeo headset for recording binaural 3D sound. Best listen with your headphones.

Sea Sparkle ~ Music : Handpan drum improvisation by Sébastiaan Stevens | ~ Film : 20200814 Michel van der Burg |

Sailing to Skye

Sailing to Skye ~
Filmed summer 2018 on the clipper Wilhelmina ( sailing the dutch Wadden Sea.
Before (20181129) my documentary ‘Clipper Wilhelmina Sailing the Wadden Sea’ was posted here .

Sailing to Skye ~ Music : Skye Boat Song (Traditional Scottish arr D Reiter) by Healing Muses | Magnatune (id 1110030198116) ~ Film : 20200811 Michel van der Burg | Miracles.Media ~ Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0

Clipper Wilhelmina Sailing the Wadden Sea

① memo 20181129 ~ Clipper Wilhelmina Sailing the Wadden Sea ~ Almost 1 hour – slow – documentary film of weekend sailing the dutch Wadden Sea on the clipper Wilhelmina last summer (July 2018) from Harlingen to Vlieland and back to Harlingen.
Starting Friday , staying overnight on the clipper in the port of Harlingen on the Frisean coast of the Netherlands – next , Saturday, crossing the Wadden Sea , sailing to the Wadden Sea island Vlieland , and after spending the night in the harbor of Vlieland, sailing Sunday to Harlingen.
Filmed with an iPhone X using the Sennheiser ClipMic digital lavalier and music with the Sennheiser Ambeo headset for recording binaural 3D sound.
Published before in a series of short films , and now in this full documentary. Music by Sébastiaan on his handpan drum. Doc (① memo 20181129) Michel van der Burg – |

Advice 🙂 Turn off all lights in the evening when watching Sébastiaan on his handpan drum.