Felling Trees On Quay Rietveld Watercourse

Felling Trees On Quay Rietveld Watercourse
All the large old trees were recently cut down (for fear of breaking the quay when falling) and most of the younger trees because of a disease, on this circa 1000 years old Kruiskade (Cross Quay) of the ‘Rietveldse Wetering’ (Reed Field Watercourse), between polders around Alphen in the Green Heart of Holland (filmed last week). Film : 20200209 Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com

Water Village Klein Giethoorn

① memo 20190816 ~ Water Village Klein Giethoorn ~ Some people can only reach there homes or work by boat in this unique water-village ‘Klein Giethoorn’ (Little Giethoorn) in the Rietveld (‘Reed Field’) polder – here a path on a dike along the Rietveld waterway (Rietveldsche Vaart) and mill – around Alphen , Holland.