Corona Clouds | One Hour | 20210402

Corona Clouds | One Hour | 20210402 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media
One hour lockdown 2021 – last Sunday morning 8-9AM – in the garden of my hometown in the Green Heart of Holland close to the usually busy Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport.
Freedom from noise in a kind of splendid isolation below a sky with travelling clouds and birds only.
Shorter films published lockdown 2020 are Holland Airport (20200420), and Fresh Air (20200407) for The One Minutes Collection.
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Fresh Air

Fresh Air
Breath of fresh air in Holland during self-isolation time , filmed at home in the garden yesterday (April 6) and produced April 7, 2020 for The One Minutes Collection. File name : Michel van der Burg_Fresh Air_2020_Netherlands .
Film : Fresh Air (20200407) Michel van der Burg | |

Lotus Effect

Watching lotus leaves superhydrophobicity in the rain in slow motion yesterday at the Leiden University Biology Class of 1969 reunion in the Botanical Gardens (Hortus Botanicus) in Leiden (Leyden), Holland. Music : Rue De Nuits by Racoon Racoon | Artlist
Film ① memo 20190925 Michel van der Burg | |