Good Chemistry in ‘Een goede moslima’

Pre-screening by Docu Lab last night, February 7, of the new documentary ‘Een goede moslima’ on ‘What is a good muslim woman?’ … showed good chemistry in the work of the two filmmakers Yeter Akin and Frans Bromet. Great questions and answers in the documentary … and also during last night’s Q&A with both filmmakers moderated by Cees Grimbergen , in Pletterij , Haarlem , Holland. ① memo 20190208 ~ Good Chemistry in ‘Een goede moslima’

Haarlem To Amsterdam

① memo 20170213 ~ Haarlem To Amsterdam ~ A 15 minutes long take by train from Station Haarlem to Station Amsterdam Centraal , Holland
Note : this picture above .. is not my selection .. it is random Vimeo’s choice – and Vimeo is not cooperating right now to change that 😉