Kazerne Dossin

① memo 20160821 ~ Kazerne Dossin ~ Originally the barracks “Hof van Habsburg” was built in the 18th century to accomodate Austrian soldiers of the Habsburg empire. Shortly before world war 2 the barracks were named after the Belgian commander Dossin. The Dossin barracks (Caserne Dossin / Kazerne Dossin) was used during world war 2 as the detention and deportation camp for people considered jews and gypsies (roma) by the nazis. Now, following the building of the Kazerne Dossin museum it is known as the ‘Habsburg Courtyard’ (Hof van Habsburg / Cour de Habsbourg). The former barracks is now housing both the Kazerne Dossin memorial in the front wing , the Mechelen city archive in the rear wing , and apartments in the side wings.
Film* by Michel van der Burg – michelvanderburg.com (CC BY-SA 4.0) August 18th 2016 session of Wiki Loves Art Belgium , in Kazerne Dossin, Mechelen , Belgium. * A special cut with no burned-in text will follow later this month at Wikimedia Commons.