Dutch Lunch ‘Twaalfuurtje’

Waiting in the harbor town Harlingen ferry terminal, in restaurant Grand Café Promenade, for the crossing over the Wadden Sea to Terschelling, with a ‘Twaalfuurtje’ (english literally : twelve o’clock) lunch : with split pea soup, meat sandwich with fried egg, a croquette with mustard, and a small salad – December 2017.
Dutch Lunch ‘Twaalfuurtje’ | 20201210 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com

Breakfast at Clipper Wilhelmina

① memo 20180815 ~ Breakfast at Clipper Wilhelmina ~ Boomer the ship’s dog smells breakfast prepared by shipper Harriët Stalman and her guests after waking up Saturday morning on the 125-year-old clipper Wilhelmina in Harlingen Harbor (Netherlands) , at their start of a Wadden Sea sailing cruise – starring : dancing eggs , sizzling bacon , old dutch cheese , and traditional anise seed sprinkles (the dutch eat on bread) – filmed 3 weeks ago .