Crystal Couple

One of two crystal wine glasses , I engraved free-hand 40 years ago – filmed last christmas.

Music from : Enchanted Journey by Kevin MacLeod , licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( – Source: – Artist:

① memo 20190106 ~ Crystal Couple ~ Michel van der Burg – |

Igls New Year’s Concert – Unterinntaler Volksmusikanten

① memo 20190102 ~ Igls New Year’s Concert – Unterinntaler Volksmusikanten ~ Impression of the New Year’s concert by the five ‘Unterinntaler Volksmusikanten’ folk musicians today 10 years ago – 2 Jan 2009 – featuring the ocarina (Okarina) , hammered dulcimer (Hackbrett), harmonika (accordion), harp, contrabass and more … in the Haus des Gastes Igls , Innsbruck, Tirol , Austria. Film : Michel van der Burg – |

Jew’s Harp

① memo 20180828 ~ Jew’s Harp ~ Sébastiaan demonstrates me his Jew’s harp last month on deck of the clipper Wilhemina in the harbor of the dutch Wadden Sea island Vlieland.
Filmed with an iPhone X – using the Sennheiser Ambeo headset for recording binaural 3D sound. Best listen with your headphones.

Sweet Song … Unterinntaler Volksmusikanten

① memo 20180112 ~ Sweet Song … Unterinntaler Volksmusikanten ~ Folk music featuring the hammered dulcimer (Austrian : ‘Hackbrett’). The word ‘dulcimer’ (sweet song) derives from the Latin dulcis (sweet) and the Greek melos (song). The Unterinntaler Volksmusikanten on the string instruments harp, dulcimers, and contrabass during their 2009 New Year’s concert in the Haus des Gastes , Igls , Innsbruck, Tirol , Austria – Film : Michel van der Burg |