House of the Beguinage Afghans

① memo 20190321 ~ House of the Beguinage Afghans ~ Monument (maquette) by Farid Abdulhamid and Ahmad Hameed together with intern group.
” … In the church we have built a maquette of a house out of recycled stuff and with a minimum of resources. Everyone in the group contributed in some way or another in making ‘our house’: from the design to the cleanup afterwards …The Afghans of the Beguinage church anno 2015 ” – Pictures in the back from manifestations in 2013 – Church of Saint John the Baptist at the Béguinage earlier this month in Brussels

Anne Frank’s Bells

① memo 20170225 ~ Anne Frank’s Bells ~ Anne writes 11 July 1942 in here diary about the ‘Westertoren’ (Western tower) bells : “I loved it from the start, and especially in the night it’s like a faithful friend.”
Here the Westertoren bells are chiming and striking 6 PM over the hiding place of Anne Frank. That house is the illuminated house here at the very end of this canal (Bloemgracht) where I am filming at twilight a couple of days ago, where it ends in the Prinsengracht canal with Anne’s house on the bank across the canal. Amsterdam