Saturday Market Leyden | 20211022

Saturday Market Leyden | 20211022 | 1-memo•com | Saturday week market today 5 years ago along the Old Rhine river canal in the historic center of Leiden (Leyden) city, Holland, Oct 22, 2016. New edition of film published first (20161022) via Vimeo only.

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Mart Broers’ Street Organ

Mart Broers’ Street Organ ~ Interview organ grinder Mart Broers – organs, book music, and his street organ “Calypso” in the streets of Leyden (Haarlemmerstraat), Sep 16th 2008 , Leyden , Holland. Video with the tiny SONY DSC-T10 camera. New 20200904 HD YouTube edition – published first 20161009 via Vimeo. Mart Broers’ Street Organ | 20161009 | 20200904 |

Lotus Effect

Watching lotus leaves superhydrophobicity in the rain in slow motion yesterday at the Leiden University Biology Class of 1969 reunion in the Botanical Gardens (Hortus Botanicus) in Leiden (Leyden), Holland. Music : Rue De Nuits by Racoon Racoon | Artlist
Film ① memo 20190925 Michel van der Burg | |