Shooting Star Shower

① memo 20180624 ~ Shooting Star Shower ~ Here 5 shooting stars across the eastern sky of Alphen , Holland , filmed between 3:30 and 4:30 AM during the Perseid meteor shower of August 13 , 2016 using a Sony A7S2 camera with Sony FE 28mm f/2 prime lens at 25 fps , 1080p. Shown in 5 clips of slightly different views of the sky , each of 9 seconds , with the image cropped to circa 25%.

Meteor Butterfly

① memo 20160618 ~ Meteor Butterfly ~ Encounter with a butterfly diving from ‘the middle of the sky’ (that is the translation literally of ‘Meteora’) at my camera – landing on the attractive lens shining in the sun – in the courtyard of the Monastery of St. Stephen (Agios Stefanos) in Meteora, Greece , June 2009.