Hands-free filming with the hand-controlled Mavic … following low in the Green Heart of Holland (drone film test last week) – Maveric was the preversion name for the DJI Mavic Air drone. Music : Continuance by Yehezkel Raz | Artlist
Film : 20191102 Michel van der Burg | |

Winter White House

① memo 20181224 ~ Winter White House ~ Trump’s Winter White House last month – his private Mar-a-Lago oceanfront estate at South Ocean Boulevard on the Palm Beach barrier island in Florida – with a sea wall bordering the boulevard and Trump’s beachhouse at the ocean side.

Drinks Came True at Kiki’s Sandbar

① memo 20181127 ~ Drinks Came True at Kiki’s Sandbar ~ Ty Thurman singing Drinks Came True in that easygoing beachfront eatery Kiki’s Sandbar this month at Little Torch Key , Florida
Recorded ambient binaural sound with Ambeo (Sennheiser – Apogee) headset using an iPhone X.
Published with Ty’s personal permission – For song and more see Ty Thurman’s album ‘Beachballs’ at his site

News Cafe

① memo 20181121 ~ News Cafe ~ Colorful people at sunset on Ocean Drive in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, Florida, earlier this month.
Anecdote – Twenty years ago I ate diner here whenever possible while working 24/7 for 3 weeks at the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami. With a (noisy) room in the nearby Adrian Hotels (used by foreign workers – now gone) on Ocean Drive next to the Versace Mansion for just $ 100 a week ! – about the same as the parking fee a week in the nearby Miami Beach Municipal Parking Garage. An Italian restaurant at the corner in that building would set up their restaurant every day again – install pots and pans, table and chairs , everything … ! – and take everything down/away again at the end of the working day – that was early morning actually – because dancing in 11th street around the corner would go on till around 3-5 AM … I noticed those nights that I woke up because of telephone calls from a lady talking some South American language , perhaps trying to contact her son who once lived there I guess 😉