Michael the Man

① memo 20160207 ~ Michael the Man ~ Altwirt , Patsch , Tirol , Austria , February 7, 2015
Today 1 year ago I met him again – also learned his name is “Michael” (like mine ‘officially’) – a man now , on his beautiful BelTuna harmonica , playing spontaneous together with two other guests / musicians in Cafe Altwirt – 7 years after filming that little guy with his accordion for the first time on ‘Foolish Thursday’ (“Unsinniger Donnerstag”) in Igls, Tirol … for that see my upload 3 days ago ① memo 20160204 Handcarters ~ Karnner , and more via this post .

Another great tune they played together that night last year was uploaded in yesterday’s memo.

Here I got very close using my iPhone 5c for recording, too close probably .. hampering a little the inhaling accordians … like in the recent ‘Whip crack ..’  film – not knowing really whether I might be hit by the whip. (see ① memo 20160205 ~ Whip Crack Away Winter ! )