① memo 20180614 ~ Beans ~ Apostolos and Anna in their outdoor seefront kitchen of the Damouchari taverna , June 2010 (shot with Sony’s first 720p HD compact camera the DSC-T500) on the Pelion peninsula , Greece

This Magic Moment

① memo 20170611 ~ This Magic Moment ~ Magical moment with this Damouchari family of fishermen : Georgios , his father Dimitrios , and daughter Dimitria on their traditional boat named ΔΕΛΦΙΝΙ (Dolphin) , in the natural port of the little settlement of Damouchari , collecting fish , with the help of another young man , by hand “picking” the fish from the mesh of the net around 10 PM on June 11 , 2009 – tonight 8 years ago – Pelion , Greece . Following this ‘first contact’ I made a short documentary – that I plan to name “Damouchari Dolphin(s)” – with the help of Georgios, that will hopefully follow soon this year.