Pre World War III Holland

Pre World War III Holland
Pre World War III view – 3 weeks ago, Tuesday 25th February – at Grote Marktstraat – literally Large Market Street – from the ground floor corner cafe of the Bijenkorf (literally Beehive) department store in the city center of The Hague. The next day, Wednesday Feb. 26th, the first corona patient was hospitalised in a dutch hospital, in Tilburg. The Bijenkorf chain of bricks-and-mortar stores is shutdown as of today, March 18, because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions.
The Bijenkorf was a jewish enterprise started in the late 1800s in Amsterdam; and the The Hague department store was started 25 March 1926 just 4 years after the Grote Marktstraat – literally Large Market Street – was built. In 1980 the last family member left the company. The Hague, Feb 25, 2020 view from the Bijenkorf department store. Film : 20200318 Michel van der Burg |


Eve…I presume. First, archaic, humans – Homo Erectus – ‘Upright Man’, living from around 2 million years ago. Forensic reconstruction of an adult female Homo erectus last week in the Naturalis Biodiversity Center , Leiden, Holland. Film : 20200302 Michel van der Burg |

Sunday Study

Sunday Study
Highschool students flock to training sites this Sunday morning, first Spring day, in the city of Leiden , Holland – working during the winter break in preparation for the national written examination at the end of the final school year, starting in May. Film : 20200301 Michel van der Burg |

All Aboard!

All Aboard!
Looking out a dirty train window on the Leiden railway station last month – with part of the Leiden University Medical Centre building at the left, when the train conductor’s whistle signals All Aboard! (Sennheiser Ambeo mic on iPhone X). Film : 20200229 Michel van der Burg |

New Intercity Double Decker

New Intercity Double Decker.
Interior, 2nd class, lower deck, of the New Intercity Double Decker (NID) train of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) – tr: netherlands railways – renovated around 2012 from the originally regional double decker trains (NS DD-AR). Leaving last month Alphen railway station for Leiden in Holland. Film : 20200227 Michel van der Burg |

The City in the Sea ~ Amsterdam Preview

The City in the Sea ~ Amsterdam Preview
Amsterdam streetview reflection in the Albada Jelgersma Gallery window at the start of the projector, just minutes before the premiere opening 11 AM January 17th 2020, of Misha de Ridder’s film The City in the Sea (Ault V – 2017). A winter morning ocean view from the falaise coast at Ault near Normandie, France. Watch an original Ault V fragment at Misha de Ridder’s Vimeo channel : . Film : 20200226 Michel van der Burg |