Drinks Came True at Kiki’s Sandbar

① memo 20181127 ~ Drinks Came True at Kiki’s Sandbar ~ Ty Thurman singing Drinks Came True in that easygoing beachfront eatery Kiki’s Sandbar this month at Little Torch Key , Florida
Recorded ambient binaural sound with Ambeo (Sennheiser – Apogee) headset using an iPhone X.
Published with Ty’s personal permission – For song and more see Ty Thurman’s album ‘Beachballs’ at his site https://www.leapthecreek.com

Quay between Mills #2 and #3

① memo 20180921 ~ Quay between Mills #2 and #3 ~ Walking the quay (dutch ‘kade’) along the waterway – close to the ‘siphon’ – between Mills #2 and #3 of the quartet of windmills together dewatering (regulate the water level of) the polder west of the village Aarlanderveen (Alphen) – draining the surplus of water into the Old Rhine – last sunday in the Green Heart of Holland .