Start Dailies

Start Dailies | 20140626 |

Note :

The idea for these ① memo’s came in 2011 – with a focus on frequent blogging of either still images , (short) films , sound , or text — so , with no stringent constraints re frequency or kind , right from the start.

The domain and the use of the “① memo” and “1-memo” wordmarks / logo were started in 2011 , but this site was kept private and empty untill January 2016.

Meanwhile the concept was worked on, and from June 26, 2014 , I started ① memo’s with still images posting at my facebook page .

And, in practice I indeed kept posting still image ① memo’s daily.

This web site was published early January 2016 when I started with daily producing 1-memo videos.

Again , I noticed it is difficult to change between videos and still images etc. because I have to take into account expectations of the audience on the video channel – at first Vimeo only (reserving YouTube for different work) , but from March 2017 starting a ① memo playlist on YouTube too. And more recently adding Instagram.

Today – July 14, 2020 – I added that first 1-memo still image here (20140626) of June 26, 2014.
I have worked out now a pretty simple protocol that may help to hopefully being able to add all those other 2014-2015 still image ① memo’s here too soon.