Digital Canon Powershot G3 Camera

Friday August 1, 2003 – Today 11 years ago – took this first (test) picture late at night 1 AM with the great prosumer grade digital Canon Powershot G3 camera bought that same day … within 2 weeks after first starting digital photography with a very simple camera (see ① memo 20140722).
Image of the dutch newspaper NRC taken with available light , handheld 1/8 sec , iso 75.
With this Canon G3 camera also movie clips (320 x 240) up to 3 minutes with sound are possible – however for scenes with a lot of detail (like a forest) video quality was poor .. because of image compression due to memory / card limitations those days.

The original three megapixel PowerShot G1 was announced at Photokina 2000 (September 2000), just less than a year later (August 2001) they announced the four megapixel PowerShot G2 with a fairly significant range of improvements. A year after that at Photokina 2002 Canon announced the new four megapixel PowerShot G3, with a sleek new body design, new control layout and image processor and four times optical zoom lens.
Digital Canon Powershot G3 Camera | 20140801 |