Kino’s Guitara

① memo 20170413 ~ Kino’s Guitara ~ Kino was pleasantly surprised to discover today online my first post (2012*) of his childhood portrait that I took of him playing the guitar , 12 years ago on September 12th, 2004 – shortly before his 6th birthday – in Playa Grandi on Bonaire – and he contacted me right away for sending the promised poster 😉 Here that video clip that I slightly improved today.
Video captured with a Sony DSC-T1 compact camera , not using the best quality mode I suppose because of memory card restrictions then. I had 3 ‘memory stick duo’ cards of 128 MB with me that summer traveling in Bonaire , Caribbean Netherlands
* First post of picture and video :


Music Memo | 20170512 | Kino’s music memo in front of his 2004 clip “Kino’s Guitara” , that he just found online over 12 years later – Holland