Review Part 3|5 Sony B1M vs Sennheiser MKE440

Review Part 3|5 Sony B1M vs Sennheiser MKE440 dd 20190915

The 3rd part of 5 short parts of an outdoor review comparing the new Sony ECM-B1M digital shotgun camera microphone vs the Sennheiser MKE 440 stereo shotgun microphone – changing audio levels for the Sony from 4 to 5 (dial on the mic) , for the Sennheiser from 12 to 15 (in camera).
The mics are on a Sony A7S Mark II (Sennheiser mic) and Sony A7 Mark III camera (Sony mic). For the Sony ECM-B1M a second ‘Furry Windmuff’ is used on top of the standard Sony fuzzy windshield supplied in the box. That second windshield is from a Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone that I used some years ago on the Canon HF-G10 camera. ① memo 20190915 .